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Black Urushi
  • Black Urushi

    Kyoto armor on board decoration.

    All handmade by traditional techniques. Forging, Black "Urushi" lacquering, etc.

    Metal fitting pattern is Botan(peony). Typical pattern of Kyoto armor.

    Luxurious armor decorated entirely with black "Urushi".

    It features a large "Kuwagata" with a feather pattern engraved on it.


    size : H40 × W40 ×D40 (cm)

    Traditional technique : Forging, wood carving, metal carving, metal craft, metal fittings, lacquer, gold leaf stamping, gold plating, dyeing crafts, leather crafts, Kyoto braid, Nishijin brocade, etc.

    Main material : Iron, Copper, Brass, deerskin, Silk braid.

      5 000,00 €Prix
      TVA Incluse
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