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  • KYOTO Heian

    Easy-to-carry amulet made by a traditional artisan in Kyoto.

    An item with an ancient Japanese spirit that leads to the spirit of Yamato damashii and Bushido.

    A gem created by artisan with their soul in the motif of "Sendan no ita" that protects the vital points of the chest of the armor.


    Metal fitting pattern is Take(bamboo) and suzume(sparrow). Bamboo (Strong vitality and growth), sparrow (Prosperity of descendants and Safety of family). Auspicious combination in Japan.

    Luxury model using pure silver metal and pure silver casting.


    size : 125mm×45mm

    Main material : pure silver,deerskin, Silk braid, Special paulownia box.

    Method : All handmade by traditional techniques. "Ibushi" silver plating.

      1 450,00€Цена
      НДС Включая
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